D.I.Y Victorian Inspired Lace Drawers

What you need:

A set of old drawers
Sandpaper (Or sander if lucky enough)
Paint for Base Colour
Spray paint in contrasting colour for top coat
Spray Varnish
Drawer Handles (Optional)

How to....

1. Remove your Drawer Handles and Sand your drawers back. I used an orbital sander for this to make my life a little easier. Fill in any chips or holes you may wish to hide.


2. Paint the frame and front of each drawer with your base colour, you may undercoat if you wish, I didn't. I used a roller to achieve an even, smooth finish. Be sure not to get any paint on the sides of the drawers or where the drawers sit in the frame as this might hinder the ability to smoothly open and close the drawers. Allow base coat to dry before continuing.

3. Select your Lace and fix into position using tape to ensure it stays in position. Lay the lace as flat and smooth as possible to achieve a nice, tidy finish. I didn't have any lace available, so purchased a "budget" net curtain from our local department store.

4. Evenly spray paint your contrasting colour over the lace. I suggest applying both vertically and horizontally and possibly even a second coat to achieve an even finish. I used a Matt paint colour for this step.

5. Remove your lace after a few minutes drying time (depending on paint chosen)

6. Place the drawers back into the frame and Repeat steps 3 - 5.

7. Allow time to dry. Then spray coat your finished drawers with a Spray Varnish to protect your piece of art. I suggest finding an actual spray varnish rather than a "clear spray paint" as the varnish will better protect your drawers from fading and damage, and it also wont "yellow" like many clear spray paints.

8. If the original Drawer Knobs are in OK condition, and you have all of them, you may chose to upcycle these also by sanding and applying paint to suit your drawers. I was missing one, and decided to "upgrade" the knobs to something a little more suited to the style.

Just as simple as that, you now have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, upcycled piece of furniture! Match the colours to your decor, or play around with different stencil ideas!

You cannot get much easier than that!

I LOVE the detailing from the lace!