D.I.Y. Lips Wall Art

There's nothing quite like a good "Junk Project"!

I've been thinking and dreaming up a new piece of wall art for a little while, and finally gave up looking at all the pallet timber laying around and decided to do something with it!

LIPS! What else?!

What you'll need:
Pallet Timber (or similar)
Thinner pieces of wood to use as Bracing
Screws, Nails or Glue
a Jigsaw
String to Hang

Sadly I forgot to take photo's along the way, so my diagrams will have to do!

First of all, I decided on a shape, and with the help of Photoshop and 3x3 page A3 printing, came up with my design and printed my template out!

My second step was to cut out the shape I had created, lay out the timber on the floor and trace around the design. Bear in mind at this point that this is the back side of the finished project, so lay your wood accordingly (best side to floor etc) and also flip your template so it finishes the right way round!

Be careful not to knock or move the wood when you remove your template. This is when I added re-enforcing to hold the piece together. This bracing will remain, so keep that in mind! Also make sure that all your boards will be held together and secure once the excess is cut off. You can secure the bracing with Screws, Nails or Glue. If using glue, make sure the glue has a strong enough bond to be able to support the weight of the wood long term!

Now this is where the fun begins! Take out the Jigsaw and hack out the design until you're left with the design you drew

Give your cut out design, a quick, light sand to take away any rough bits that could snag on things, but if you want to keep the "rustic" pallet feel, as I did, Try not to remove too much with the sander, as this also removes character!

The Final Step is PAINT! For mine, I sprayed the back and sides in Black, and the "lips" red! I didn't put too much paint on as I wanted to see the character of the wood showing through!

You could apply a layer of clear coat, or urethane if you wish, I chose to leave the spraypaint look as is.

The final step, is to add strings, and HANG! Simple as and effective to boot!